C.I.D.I. - Compagnia Internazionale Di Investimento is a holding company born to realize entrepreneurial/venture investments.

Our meaning for Company and Investment

The sense for Company and Investment is rooted in Continental Europe’s history. Until “new” finance advent, they have been inextricably linked for centuries.

Enterprise/Venture originates from the Latin word imprèsa, something someone takes to do. Throughout Middle Ages Company was main knights’ inspiring concept. Soon after, Company was the reason of being for great explorers who gave rise to modern era.

Investire was the Latin word for investment. Investire: hand over the ownership of something to someone assigning the mantle or pallium. This would actually correspond to investment note/title. Only those realizing outstanding Venture could be invested in!

C.I.D.I. - Compagnia Internazionale Di Investimento was conceived with the idea and the belief that we should rediscover this attitude of doing investments, which has characterized whole Europe and World from late Middle Ages until second post-war period, when finance started arising.

Our investment strategy

C.I.D.I. - Compagnia Internazionale Di Investimento has no strategy restricted to individual sectors, asset classes or specific geographic areas. C.I.D.I. - Compagnia Internazionale Di Investimento invests ac- cording to a deep opportunistic approach. Therefore our assessments are set up on the investment opportunity’s intrinsic core value we believe.

We evaluate investments opportunities of any type as long as enclosed in a investment ticket of no more than CHF 10 million.

We do not invest in financial instruments, both traded on regulated markets or over the counter.

We do not engage in purely financial investments.

How we operate

C.I.D.I. - Compagnia Internazionale Di Investimento operates through:

  • Direct investments, in which only internal resources are used;
  • Club-deal investments, in which there is the co-investment by the network of partners / investors of C.I.D.I. - Compagnia Internazionale Di Investimento.


For further information, please contact:
C.I.D.I. - Compagnia Internazionale Di Investimento S.a.g.l.
Via Al Forte 2
Lugano CH-6901
Confederation Helvetica

Ph. +41-(0)91-92.47.118